Pay Dues Online


Option #1: Check/Cashiers Check/Money Order

Send payment directly to the association bank with your payment coupon enclosed. Please always list your account # on the check. Payment should be mailed to:

PO Box 65672

Phoenix, Arizona 85082-5672

Please make all checks made payable to your Homeowners Association and must be issued on a US bank account.

Option #2: Direct Debit- ACH

Complete and return the enclosed form addressed to your association along with a voided check 30 days in advance of the next payment date. The debit will begin the next assessment period.  All direct debit forms must be received and processed by the 15th of the month prior to the assessment due date. Please email the form and copy of voided check to Mary Klein at

Option #3: Pay online via the HOA website or Management Company website

Once on the HOA website please click the payment link, if you have not already requested a login you will need to do so. Most major credit cards are accepted with a convenience fee of $9.95. No coupon is need for this option unless you opt to use Cabanc.

Option # 4: Pay Online directlywith the bank

  1. This option is for MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover and Echeck payments only

  2. Echeck payments are processed at no additional charge and credits cards at an affordable convenience fee.


    Please go to

    Go to Homeowner Resources on the left,

    Go to owner tools on the right,

    Click on the payment option of choice.


    You must have your coupon payment book for this transaction.

Option # 5:  Bill Pay via Your Bank Provider

You must complete the correct forms required by your bank and include your account number and information on your coupon book required by your banking facility. Please note that if you choose this process the bank will physically cut a check and send it by U.S. Mail

Option #6: Pay by Phone (PayLease)

Payments are accepted by telephone via a third party provider (PayLease) by calling (866) 729-5327 Option 1 with a convenience fee charged by the provider of $9.95 for Credit Cards: Pay lease accepts the following (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), you can also pay by Echeck for a fee of $4.95

Option #7: Payment by Phone (Extreme Management Team, LLC.)

Payments accepted by telephone by calling 352.366.0234. Press Option 0. A convenience fee of $9.95 is charged in addition to the 9.95 charged by Pay Lease.

Option #8: Payment by Cash:

Please visit our office or call 352.366.0234and our office staff will be happy to help you in the process.

 How it works:

Resident will be issued a card containing a unique number.

Resident takes their card and cash payment to the Amscot or Walmart

Resident collects a receipt and the payment is electronically sent to the HOA